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World Password Day 2023: Why we need a password-less future

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The article also mentions the use of passkey technology as a potential replacement for passwords. Passkeys allow for authentication using fingerprint ID, facial ID, or a pin on a device. This technology is already being implemented by companies like Apple and Microsoft, and it offers a more secure and convenient alternative to traditional passwords.

Digital IDs are another innovation mentioned in the article. These IDs provide consumers with control and convenience by allowing them to manage their digital identities through a single point of access. This technology is becoming more mainstream, with the EU introducing legislation that will make digital IDs available to every citizen.

Behavioral biometrics is also highlighted as an innovative approach to user authentication. This technology identifies unique patterns in a user’s behavior, such as mouse movements or typing patterns, to verify their identity. This can provide a higher level of security compared to traditional passwords.

The article concludes by emphasizing the importance of moving towards a password-free future. With the increasing frequency of cyber-attacks and data breaches, relying on passwords alone is no longer sufficient. The technology is already available to make this transition, and organizations should consider adopting access management solutions that offer password-less verification and a “Never Trust, Always Verify” principle.

Key points:
– The

element is commonly used to create containers for other HTML elements on a webpage.
– Passkey technology offers a more secure and convenient alternative to traditional passwords.
– Digital IDs provide consumers with control and convenience over their digital identities.
– Behavioral biometrics can identify users based on unique patterns in their behavior, enhancing security.
– Moving towards a password-free future is essential to combat cyber-attacks and data breaches.

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